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Why Are Silicone Roofs Better for New Mexico?

By Justin Kibbe  Vice President, Fix My Roof, Inc.

Roof-Feb14Silicone Roof Coatings outperform all traditional roofing systems used on flat and low-pitched roofs throughout New Mexico, so it’s easy to understand why more and more New Mexicans are making use of this roofing technology and its 40-year track record of success.

Read through this list of Silicone Roofing attributes, and decide for yourself whether or not you think Silicone Roofs are better for New Mexico and better for your home!

1. Eliminates the need to tear off and replace existing roof.
2. Can be applied to most roof surfaces, even those in poor condition.|
3. Provides a seamless, durable coating.
4. Waterproof – standing or ponding water is not a problem.
5. Maintains flexibility at extreme temperatures (-100°F to 500°F). This is especially important in New Mexico, with its freeze/thaw weather pattern and the dry desert heat.
6. Reflective white color reduces cooling costs.
7. Unaffected by ozone and UV.
8. Breathable membrane prevents moisture entrapment.
9. Protects underlying roof.
10. Does not support mold or mildew.
11. Excellent hail and impact resistance.
12. Solvent-free material is virtually odorless.
13. Saves up to 75 percent in application and maintenance costs compared to traditional roofing methods.

If your roof has trouble standing up to the New Mexico elements, a silicone roof will protect you and your family. If your budget has trouble keeping up with summer cooling costs, a silicone roof will protect your wallet. If your conscience has trouble justifying a roof that contributes to the local heat island, a silicone roof will make your home the environmentally friendly model of the neighborhood.

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