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Roof Care & Maintenance

By Justin Kibbe, Vice President, Fix My Roof, Inc.

Should You Maintain Your Roof As Well As You Maintain Your Car?

RoofBy the time most people are 30 years old, they’ve figured out that it saves money when you properly take care of your car. Oil changes. Tire Rotations. Washing and waxing. Checkups every X months or X-thousand miles to inspect for wear and tear of daily driving. Each preventive maintenance measure extends the life of the vehicle!

But how many people at 40, 50, or even 60 haven’t taken the steps to extend the life of their roof that protects their family and home?

Roofs are not omnipotent protectors. There are human and weather conditions that will damage roofs. When detected early and refurbished properly, these minor damages never have the opportunity to become leaks that ruin your personal property and peace of mind. Annual Roof Inspections that include proper care and maintenance measures are crucial to any roof’s future.

Here is a list that summarizes the key steps to prevent interior leaks.

1.         Examine the roof surface for cracking and deterioration.

2.         Check the building envelope for indications of shifting.

3.         Examine all roof top equipment and penetrations. Make certain all equipment is properly attached or anchored so they do not move excessively.

4.         Remove all debris such as leaves and dirt.

5.         Clean all gutters, canales, and surrounding areas.

6.         Examine all metal flashing for rusting and attachment.

7.         Examine all adjoining roof areas or areas abutting the roof area.

8.         Examine the edge of the roof. This area of the roof is the first line of defense for the roof system in high winds. Any materials found to be lifted or improperly fastened must be repaired.

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