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Mortgage News – Are Jumbo Loans Available?

By Ron Blessey, Senior Mortgage Banker, Peoples Bank NMLS#214672

In this ever changing Mortgage Market, Jumbo Loan programs are readily available for the qualified borrower.

A Jumbo Loan is any loan over $417,000. In the current interest rate environment, there is a small disparity in Rate cost between a Jumbo loan and a conforming loan product.

Here at Peoples Bank, we refer to our borrowers as guests. Whether it be a fixed or adjustable rate product, our lending platform allows us to provide a variety of favorable loan scenarios to our guests. We give our Jumbo borrowers a very cost effective means of financing their purchase or refinance at terms that require in some cases, a down payment or equity position as low as 10% of the purchase price or appraised value at competitive rates.

Peoples Bank can also provide a creative alternative to guests that have varying income streams. Some Jumbo borrowers have complex income streams, so it is important that any borrower at this level come to me for prequalification. I can determine what program, of the many the Bank offers, is best for their specific situation.

What better time to take advantage of the current rate environment to buy the home you want. I can help put together a plan for the discriminating borrower based on an analysis of their financial picture.

Feel free to log onto my website and click the “apply with Ron” button. I can review your information and get you pre approved for your financing needs. What is particularly exciting for me is that for those who are listening on line today, I can assist you in all 50 States.