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Helping Your Landscape Survive Dry Conditions

By Gene Butler, President, The Firebird

irrigation_drip_demo_gardenUnfortunately, after the early winter snow storms, Santa Fe has had virtually no moisture so far this year.  To make matters worse, unseasonable warmth in February has caused winter bulbs to come up early and some trees to begin budding.

In normal winters, snow on the ground, including snowfalls that have already melted, provide a springtime moisture supply.   Since that is pretty non-existent this year, homeowners need to be proactive now in order to protect their landscaping.

Trees, shrubs, and perennials need some supplemental watering before the spring growing season begins.  Keep in mind most nights are still below freezing; the historical last frost date in Santa Fe is around the middle of May.

You can simply drag out the garden hose and water everything on a warm day.  Do this every week or so.  Underlying soil may still be frozen in shady areas, so don’t overwater.  Be sure to disconnect the hose afterwards so that faucets do not freeze.

An alternative is to turn on your drip system to water landscaping.  If you do so, run the system manually and be sure to drain and disconnect the parts that need to be protected from freezing.

Watering now in one way or another is critical to the health of your landscaping.  It is important to keep your plants adequately hydrated now so that they are not drought stressed when the growing season starts.


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