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Customer Service

by Ron Blessey, Senior Mortgage Banker, People Bank NMLS #214672

In this ever changing environment, expertise and great service is what any buyer should expect. On the expertise side, your loan officer has to be registered with the National Mortgage Licensing System. Anyone that is offering you terms for a mortgage must be registered. You can check to see if the person you are speaking with is a qualified professional by going onto the NMLS consumer website at

Service is another issue that should be at the forefront of any consumer’s decision when choosing a lender. Peoples Bank in particular offers a high level of service through every step of the process. As a Senior Mortgage Banker, I am the coach that is responsible for interacting with the guest, my processor, and our underwriters. Communicating in a timely fashion clearly what is expected and what documentation is required throughout the process is what I do best. In a purchase transaction the added communication between me and the realtors is also key to ensure the flow of information.

Every deal is different. There are specific elements that need to be addressed and documented per our underwriting guidelines. I am particularly fortunate to have the ability to easily discuss and work out details of a transaction with my management and underwriting staff. This is critical more than ever in the current environment with all the new enhanced rules that have been put into place.

I believe the consumer is entitled to a high level of service and expertise whether you are buying or refinancing.

If you are a buyer, call me to discuss what loan products are available and what the process requires so you have a clear idea of what you can afford. Prior to a property being identified, I can offer a preapproval that is good for 90 days. Once the property is found and under contract, we can complete the transaction in a timely fashion.

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