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    Walker Stewart

    Biography for Walker Stewart

    Walker Stewarts journey into Santa Fe real estate is perhaps not typical.
    A longtime investment management professional, Walker worked in marketing at Santa Fes Thornburg Investment Management for the better part of a decade, and his career in finance extends back decades. He served, for example, as a money markets trader at American General Corporation and as a portfolio desk liaison in the institutional marketing department at AIM Management Group, both in Houston.
    Walkers work there and at other investment managers, such as USAA Investment Management in San Antonio, lent him a professional understanding uncommon in real estate: a deep understanding of monetary policy, economic issues, and the bond markets " and how it all drives mortgage rates, which are critically important to both buyers and sellers.
    But this background in finance isnt responsible for his ability in the field. Having a family background in real estate, Walker grew up hearing contracts being negotiated, clients calling at odd hours, contractors scurrying to complete work, and title companies racing to make a closing date " all this for many years.
    Walker believes its his commitment to the Santa Fe community that makes him an effective real estate professional. Having lived in many cities in addition to Santa Fe " Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Boulder, Colorado -- Walkers appreciation for Santa Fe only grew when he was away. In exchange for the privilege of living here, Walker believes its his privilege to help others appreciate Santa Fes unique and long history, its archaeology, and how New Mexico cultures interact. Having graduated from St. Johns School in Houston, Walker earned a B.A. in history from the University of Texas at Austin, so his love for Santa Fes history and cultures comes naturally.
    Walkers involvement in Santa Fe is central to his work here. This and his love for the city drives how he approaches real estate. He seeks to work with diligence, professionalism, knowledge, diplomacy, and understanding.