Santa Ana Pueblo

2 Dove Road , Bernalillo, New Mexico 87004


The Pueblo of Santa Ana is a Native American tribe with reservation lands that include a strip of New Mexico's fertile Rio Grande valley. The members of Santa Ana, the Tamayame (the name of the people in our Keres language), have lived in our present location approximately sixteen miles north of Albuquerque, New Mexico, since at least the early 1500s. Since the early 1980s the Pueblo has actively pursued a strategy of developing tribal enterprises, seeing economic independence as crucial to maintaining and safeguarding our traditional concepts and values.

Foods From Native Fields to Your Kitchen
Agriculture is why the Santa Ana people have survived as a community. More than just the management of soils and crops, agriculture is an integral component of our lifestyle and religion. The cycle of religious ceremonies reflect the agricultural seasons. Blue corn, the most treasured grain of Pueblo tribes, is the prominent crop of Santa Ana.

In addition to growing the corn, we also process it in our own grain mill to create several products under the brand name of Tamaya Blue:

  • Blue Corn Meal
  • Atole, from corn that is roasted before milling
  • Parched Corn, a roasted, lightly salted, whole kernel, ready-to-eat snack
  • Pancake and Cornbread Mixes

We, the Tamayame, are excited to share our native blue corn products with you. In addition, we offer you a variety of American Indian food products such as teas, smoked salmon, wild rice, honey, stews and chile from other Native peoples in the Southwest and across the nation at The Cooking Post.

Grow the Plants Native to the Southwest
Santa Ana operates a nursery to produce native plants for the sunny, semi-arid Southwest climate of the mid-Rio Grande Valley region. We offer perennials, annuals and biennials, grasses, trees and shrubs, vines, and vegetable transplants, all sold through the Tribe's wholesale and retail operations. If you are interested in xeric landscaping, please be sure to take a look at our Native Plant Section.

Come for the Best in Southwestern Entertainment
If you are interested in seeing the beautiful area where the Pueblo rests, we extend an invitation to visit our championship 27-hole golf course and our Las Vegas-style casino. Both offer the best in Southwestern entertainment.

Our Santa Ana Golf Course was rated as one of the nation's best by GolfWeek in 1995. In 2000, we will host the USGA Women's National Public Links Championship, the first national golf tournament to be held in New Mexico.

The Santa Ana Star Casino, a high-stakes gaming center, offers blackjack, poker, slot machines, craps, roulette and mini-baccarat in a relaxed but elegant setting. When you are not in our luxurious casino, online games are an excellent option for enjoying competitive online gameplay.

If you are interested in cultural activities, please look at the Pueblo Activities Calendar in the General Information Section. Included are dances and activities that are open to visitors at Santa Ana and at the other Pueblos in New Mexico. Native American music, as music with any culture, is powerful and unique as is Indian gaming and dancing.

The people of Santa Ana hope that in introducing you to our cuisine, plants and images, we will provide you with some understanding of Pueblo culture, history and values. As we extend a welcome to visit our Pueblo, we hope you, too, will develop a deep and sincere appreciation of a land we have inhabited for centuries.