Nambe Pueblo


Located 20 miles north of Santa Fe at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Nambé means "People of the Round Earth" in the Tewa language, and the pueblo people are from the Tewa ethnic group of Native Americans. The Pueblo of Nambé has existed since the 14th century and was a primary cultural and religious center at the time of the arrival of Spanish colonists in the very early 17th century.

Nambé is known for a distinctive style of pottery, known as Nambé Polychrome. The Feast Day for Nambé Pueblo is October 4. Nambé is a member of the Eight Northern Pueblos.

Nambé Pueblo is a popular stop for visitors seeking beauty and recreation in the stunning foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Nambé Falls Recreation Area, (505) 455-2304, located above the pueblo, offers swimming, lake fishing, a stunning double-drop waterfall and camping for a modest fee. The July 4th Nambé Falls Ceremonial, which includes dances and an arts and crafts fair, is a popular festivity for both pueblo dwellers and tourists. On October 4, the pueblo honors San Francisco de Asís, also the patron saint of Santa Fe.

On the way to Nambé Pueblo, stop off at one of the several artist studios and behold Nambé pottery and silver. There's a fee for photography, sketching or tape/video recording. Guided tours offer a view of the pueblo's buffalo herd through Buffalo Tours, and young Buffalo Dancers will perform upon advance request. Call for prices and information at (505) 455-2036.