Alex Safety Lane

1370 Pacheco Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505


Alex Safety Lane is a family owned and operated business in Santa Fe New Mexico sense 1958. Alex Bransford founded the auto repair shop and named it Alex Safety Lane, stressing an emphasis on safety aspects of automobiles. Back in the 1950s, 60s and 70s Alex was known for his honesty, expertise and work ethic. Now in our 3rd generation, the same principles mark our work and guide Alex Safety Lane.

As in any field of the service industry, we understand that it is ultimately people we are serving. Some businesses serve people by making making them food, or by cleaning, etc. We serve people by fixing and maintaining cars. We strive to be the best by educating ourselves on newer vehicle systems and designs, purchasing the newest equipment and keeping in touch with other experts in our field around the country via the Internet and larger professional circles. We pride ourselves in honesty, integrity, professionalism and excellence in our trade.

We also strive to be an environmentally responsible business. We believe taking good care of our world is important. We use our waste oil to heat our building in a clean low emissions heater, we recycle our antifreeze and various fluids and abide by all state and federal environmental laws.