Amy Biehl Community School

310 Avenida del Sur , Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508


About Amy Biehl Community School
Grade Levels Served: K -6
Enrollment: 442

School’s Mission:
Amy Biehl Community School at Rancho Viejo has been established to create a community of lifelong learners through academic excellence, environmental sustainability, and respect for all cultures.

School’s Vision:
Amy Biehl Community School at Rancho Viejo will achieve:

  • A - Academic Excellence
  • C - Caring Community
  • H - Hands-on Learning
  • I - Innovative Programs
  • E - Emotional Well-being
  • V - Visionary Leaders
  • E - Environmental Advocates

Our School’s Operations and Functions:
Amy Biehl Community School at Rancho Viejo (ABCS) teaches all core subjects and delivers standards-based instruction to all students. The school is in partnership with the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and implements an inquiry based hands-on science curriculum that integrates reading and writing skills. The conceptual math program provides students with factual knowledge, procedural facility, and allows students to use their knowledge flexibly to make connections among mathematical ideas. The balanced literacy curriculum delivers a framework that combines teacher directed instruction and student centered activities. It encompasses all components of reading and writing. Students also receive art, music, and library instruction from teachers who specialize in these areas. Amy Biehl is also equipped with two computer labs, classroom computers and Smart Boards in every classroom.

Why Our School is Unique:
Amy Biehl Community School is committed to the development of sustainable, high performance schools both inside and out. The school was designed to be energy efficient; promote respect for our natural and built environments; and provide safe and healthy, and inspirational learning environments. We hope to educate the students, faculty, and staff on the importance of everyday sustainability measures so that we all may give back to our community, environment, and to future generations in Santa Fe. The school is expected to receive LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) after the first year it is open.

Amy Biehl Community School has also established partnerships with parents as well as other organizations in an effort to enhance the school curriculum. The school has started its first Parent-Teacher Committee (PTC), and will host family nights throughout the year that will include Literacy Night, Science Night, and Math Night. ABCS also partners with the following community organizations to enrich students’ education: Cooking with Kids; Project Wild; National Dance Institute; Audubon Society; Santa Fe Children’s Museum; and Americorps.

In addition Amy Biehl Community School offers many opportunities for extracurricular activities, such as girls’ and boys’ athletics (basketball; swimming; cheerleading; etc.); the Amy Biehl Dance Troupe; an after school program that is an extension of the school day, includes a band program, and library time with a certified librarian; ABCS Student Council; book clubs; a “Green Team” and Student Safety Patrol Team.