San Antonio Hot Springs


Hiking, Snowshoeing, Back-Country Skiing, Mountain Biking
Dog Friendly
Length: 20 miles roundtrip
Elevation:  8,360 feet
Degree of Difficulty: Easy
Seasonal: 4 Season (Possible snow in winter)
Driving Distance from Plaza: 72 miles

San Antonio Hot Springs is a 10 mile out and back trail located near Jemez Springs, New Mexico that features hot springs. It is a short hike up the hill if you drive 5 miles down the Forestry Road 376 which is not maintained.

San Antonino natural hot springs sit at 8,360 ft elevation in the Santa Fe National Forrest. Four cascading pools between 10-15 feet wide side embedded into the mountainside overlooking the red dirt canyon. The springs discharge 323 gallons of water per minute and water temps run around 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Though temps in New Mexico skyrocket in summer and the springs are hot, the mountain breeze cools you when you’re wet, so don’t let the heat deter you from visiting.

The Hike:
To get to the springs either drive through the canyon, or hike 5 miles on the spring’s trail. Many other hiking trails and campgrounds sit near the San Antonio trail head so be sure to check a map. Trails aren’t very clearly marked.

Head to State Road 126 on Forest Road 376, past Jemez Springs (about a 70 minute drive from Albuquerque on HWY 4 from I-25).