Atalaya Mountain Hiking Trail


Hiking, Snowshoeing, Mountain Biking
Dog Friendly

Length: Trail 174 is approx. 7 miles round-trip, Trail 170 is 4.6 miles round-trip
Elevation: 7,300 to 9,121 feet
Degree of Difficulty: Easy - Challenging
Seasonal: 4 Season (Possible snow in winter)
Driving Distance from Plaza: 3 miles

The Atalaya Mountain Trail, accessible from the parking lot at St. Johns College, is one of the most popular and easily accessible hiking trails in Santa Fe. Hikers have the option of taking the longer route (Trail 174), which is approximately 7 miles round-trip, or parking farther up near the Ponderosa Ridge development and doing a 4.6-mile loop (Trail 170) instead. Both trials eventually join and take you toward the top of Atalaya Mountain, a 9,121-foot peak. The first few miles of the trail are relatively easy, but it becomes increasingly steep and strenuous as you near the summit of Atalaya Mountain. Hikers who make it to the top are afforded great views of the Rio Grande valley and the city below.