Aspen Vista


Hiking, Snowshoeing, Cross-Country Skiing, Mountain Biking
Dog Friendly
Length: 10 miles
Elevation: 9,900 to 12,000 feet
Degree of Difficulty: Moderate
Seasonal: 4 Season (Possible snow in winter: Snowshoe)
Driving Distance from Plaza: 13 miles

One of the most popular trail in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The gradual uphill climb and the width of the road make it ideal for hikers, snowshoers and cross-country skiers of all abilities and ages. The road is closed to motorized vehicles including snowmobiles.

Directions: Follow Paseo de Peralta to Washington Ave on the North end of Paseo de Peralta. Turn away from the plaza heading north on Washington Avenue to artist rd (ski Basin rd). Follow the Ski Basin Rd. 13 miles. Access this trail from Aspen Vista Picnic Area, just beyond the 13 mile marker. Ample parking is available