Burrito Company

111 Washington Avenue, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501


Established in 1978, The Burrito Company is a downtown Santa Fe family owned institution. Located on Santa Fe’s historical downtown Plaza, Burrito Company is one of the few remaining downtown restaurants that locals of all ages can recall patroning throughout the years. The Burrito Company continues to serve as a local’s favorite through its authentic New Mexico flavors and affordable prices.

In 2006, Chef Arquimides “Kimo” Castro, his wife Eleanor and two daughters, Alicia and Maria, took over the restaurant in entirety. Since then, Kimo infused the menu with a wide range of dishes from his own El Salvadoran roots as well as his extensive international culinary background. Today, the Burrito Company offers authentic New Mexican cuisine along with refined Central American dishes and classic American entrees.

We encourage you to come taste Santa Fe’s finest dishes and rub shoulders with the diverse clientele. It’s one of the few stopping grounds where you’ll find locals and tourists alike. During the summer, the patio, located in the center of Santa Fe activity, is a great place to people gaze as the constant flow of people stroll by (dogs are welcome). Indulge in rich and authentic flavors while absorbing the music, beautiful folk art, and excitement of downtown Santa Fe.