El Meson

213 Washington Avenue, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501


A "Mesón" is a typical Spanish Bistro, rustically decorated, serving hearty food and wine.

The popularity of the cuisine of Spain has exploded on the international arena. For the last 15 years, El Mesón has championed the traditional flavors and methods of Spanish Cuisine in Santa Fe. Tapas, paella, fine wines & live music are at the core of El Mesón. Refined, yet also relaxed, an evening at this Santa Fe restaurant is as close as you can get to a night in Madrid itself. Nowhere else in Santa Fe can you find a more classic representation of the ingredients, preparations and flavors of Spain than El Mesón. So much so, that El Mesón is recommended by the Consulate of Spain for quality and authenticity.

Many influences have played a part in Santa Fe's wonderful and unique culture; Native Americans, Spain, Mexico and the United States have all left their unique impressions. Spain's influence in today's Santa Fe remains pervasive and visible. That is why Chef Huertas, who's lived and worked all over the world insists, "There is no other place I'd prefer to have my restaurant. El Mesón is a living connection to part of Santa Fe's cultural history."