Cerrillos Hills State Park

Cerrillos Hills, Cerrillos, New Mexico 87508


Hiking, Mountain Biking
Dog Friendly, Horses Allowed

Length: 5 miles
Elevation Range: 6,000 to 9,000 feet
Degree of Difficulty: Moderate
Seasonal: 4 Season (Possible snow in winter)
Driving Distance from Plaza: 16 miles

There are 1,100 years of mining history in these hills which can be seen by hiking, biking, or horseback riding on the 5 miles of trail among rolling juniper savanna.

Cerrillos Hills State Park is a state park of New Mexico, United States, located 16 miles (26 km) south of Santa Fe. Transferred to state ownership in 2009, it is New Mexico's newest state park. The hills in the park range in elevation from 6,000 feet (1,800 m) to 6,900 feet (2,100 m) above sea level. At the current time, there is no visitor center or other facilities, however plans are underway for the construction of one. The park does have numerous hiking trails.

The Cerrillos Hills were originally known by the Spanish as the Sierra de San Mateo. In 1581 they discovered the lead-silver deposits there, which had earlier been used by the pueblo peoples as an ingredient in pottery glazes. After the coming of the "Americans" the Cerrillos Mining District was created in 1879.

Park: Sunrise to 9:00pm Daily
Visitor Center:
2:00 – 4:00pm Daily
or by appointment