Academy at Larragoite

1604 Agua Fria, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505


  • Academy at Larragoite is designed to assist students who are experiencing challenges in the traditional comprehensive high school environment. The Academy at Larragoite offers an alternative educational program which strives to establish a non-traditional, yet highly effective learning environment.
  • The Academy at Larragoite has a welcoming working atmosphere and a flexible class schedule for students. Classes meet Monday through Thursday from 8:25 am – 3:15 pm. On Fridays, students are released at 12:35 pm to participate in work experience, community service, and/or other pursuits.
  • Faculty consists of school leaders and educators who not only value learning, but also understand at-risk teens and the challenges they face. Instructional materials are current, age- and grade-level appropriate and aligned with instructional standards of learning. Instructors use a web-based instructional model Edgenuity that provides dynamic, differentiated, and individualized instruction in core content as well as elective courses. Students log on to computers and put on headphones to complete modules in language arts, math, science, social studies, and electives at their own pace within the semester. This effective use of technology gives students the opportunity to learn at their own pace and make meaningful academic progress.
  • The Academy at Larragoite is in partnership with Santa Fe Community College to allow students to take dual credit courses and career pathways. The dual credit program and career pathways enriches students’ lives by giving high school students the educational opportunity to attain a college degree and shorten the amount of time to attain it.
  • During the months from October to February our counselor, who is trained under the ASCA model, has established 10 college visits and presentations. These college visits are colleges from the New Mexico area, as well as, the Art Institute in Denver and the Lincoln College of Technology from Denver.