Chalk Farm Gallery

729 Canyon Rd, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501


I used to work for a wonderful Danish man who took me on to work in his art shop in London and after six months I was the Manager of the gallery. After three years, we opened four more galleries and by the time I left the company we had 27. I had a staff of 300 to motivate and oversee when a friend suggested it was time I opened my own gallery.
And so I opened Chalk farm Gallery in a very busy part of London called Chalk Farm. It was an instant success and considered by many to be their favorite place to visit when they came to London. Sadly for all my fans, I won the Green Card Immigration Visa program in 2001 and decided to close our doors and move to the place of my heart and soul. That is, of course, Santa Fe.

I have been here in Santa Fe since then. The strange thing is…just before I left for Santa Fe a psychic told me that I would be opening a gallery in a “round house”….and that it would be very successful. Well, things were very hard at first. I opened just before the September 11 attacks amidst a sea of established galleries, but after years of hard work and determination, we survived and now have what is considered by many to be the most beautiful gallery in Santa Fe.

And indeed, it used to be a house! The gallery has a huge 50 ft diameter round glass domed roof ! So it is round! The space is exquisite—full of blooming flowers and plants and filled with the soothing sounds of ethereal music that transports the viewers of my Visionary Art to that other special place that many of us dream of.

The artists that I represent are all visionaries of one kind or another—artists that paint with their souls and have a genuine passion for their work.

I hope you will visit my gallery when you next come to Santa Fe and that you will peruse the images here that show you what awaits.