Serquis + Associates

15 Camino Esperanza, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505


Solange’s experience extends for more than 18 years designing Landscapes that emphasize and create a sense of place by bringing together beauty, aesthetics, and human comfort.

The past 10 years include public, private community and social projects in Santa Fe, NM, where landscape environments and connecting people with places was key.


  • Design & Project Management for
  • Residential
  • Affordable Housing
  • Commercial Development
  • Educational Landscapes

Design Philosophy
Successful design should engage the environment, have fluency among land forms and architecture, express rhythm with textures and interest among the seasons. We believe in balancing human needs and preserving what nature has given us to enjoy, and that beautiful surroundings nourish the human spirit. We are passionate about communities, whether they are in rural or urban settings. We deeply understand the social impact of coherent landscape design: it encourages the connection to its community and people, as they can relate to the natural and built environment and learn from it. Our goal is to create art and outdoor spaces that are delightful to the senses while being sensitive to the natural ecosystem. Each of our designs harmoniously blends natural and man-made elements, providing a rich textural backdrop for both.


  • 2011 – Best Outdoor, Parade of Homes
  • 2011 – Design Competition Winners – 2nd Place Winner
  • 2011 – LIHTC Design Competition, 2nd place winner
  • 2003 – HGTV- Landscapers Challenge in Cerrillos NM
  • 2000 – Urban Planning Design, National contest Railyard Park, Buenos Aires -25 acres- 1st prize Master+Schematic Design
  • 2000 – Tierras Caballit BA
  • Multiple Residential Design Awards