422 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501


Raul Aboytes began his journey love of food and cooking as a young boy, helping his mother earn a living for his 10 brothers & sisters out of her taco stand. Food making memories involved grinding the corn, making salsas, using the molcajates (food processors for Americans), and eating the greatest, simple food with freshness and full of flavor.

His journey to America at 18 years old left him craving his Mexican style barrio home down cooking. Disappointed with many Mexican-American food establishments and his passion for cooking, he began creating many of his mom’s recipes and Southwest food of Mexico to satisfy his culinary palate. Many years later, him and his wife Janet decided to pursue the challenge of opening a food venture. They started with a cart five years ago and named it Jalepeno’s. Two years later they opened a sit down eatery and hope you enjoy the “Real Flavor” of Mexico made with the fresh ingredients and a lot spice!