Wood Gormley

141 E. Booth Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505


About Wood Gormley Elementary School
Grade Levels Served: K - 6
Enrollment: 429

School’s Mission:
Happy, healthy, respectful learners start here and move forward.

School’s Vision:
All students will become life-long learners.

Our School’s Operations and Functions:
Wood Gormley provides a rigorous core academic program in mathematics, literacy, science and social studies. Three National Board Certified teachers facilitate learning at Wood Gormley, along with other skilled teachers. The special programs provided to all students are music, library, art and physical education. Band is provided to students in grades 5 and 6. To maximum opportunities of learning for all students both resource and enrichment instruction is provided through the special education program.

Why Our School is Unique:
Wood Gormley is special because of the strong parental support. Parent volunteers supplement and enhance the learning opportunities for students. Also, parents devote many hours raising funds to support salaries for a physical education and a library literacy teacher. The Parent Teacher Club hosts many family events including the Fall Festival, Family Dance, and Panther Run. Another reason why Wood Gormley is a great place is because special event nights are scheduled throughout the school year including Literacy Evening, Art Night and Music Night. It is exciting when students read their writing with parents at Literacy Evening, display their art during Art Night and perform their music skills during Music Night. Also, kindergarten and first grade students perform in music informances, sharing what they learn in their music classrooms. A Student Council is sponsored by a teacher and a volunteer, providing students with opportunities in leadership and service learning. Wood Gormley partners with Santa Fe Prep through their service learning program. SF Prep students work with Wood Gormley students in writing. Other opportunities are provided to Wood Gormley students after school including Chess Club and After School Enrichment.