William Siegal Gallery

540 South Guadalupe Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501


The William Siegal Gallery in Santa Fe is a high-concept space that exhibits a distinguished collection of ancient art and artifacts alongside contemporary works of art. This stunning five thousand square foot gallery provides a rare opportunity to appreciate art that spans 5,000 years and many different cultures, while inspiring a new collecting sensibility: the Old is New and the New is Old. Side-by-side, they create exciting dialogs.

For over 35 years, William Siegal has assembled the world's largest collection of Andean Textiles dating from 750 BC to the 19th Century. Ceremonial objects & artifacts from Meso & South American cultures, Ancient Chinese, Southeast Asia, African and Indonesian museum-quality pieces are also represented. The William Siegal Gallery is located in Santa Fe's dynamic Railyard District, now a major arts destination throughout the world and the central location of Santa Fe's contemporary art scene.

Bill Siegal has collected, studied and sold historic and pre-Columbian textiles and objects since 1971. After working with textiles from Central America during the early 1970's Mr. Siegal moved to LaPaz, Bolivia to collect and study the weavings of the Aymara people. He traveled the Bolivian Altiplano, from one remote village to the next going house to house in search of the finest ceremonial garments dating from the 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries. In 1988 he returned to the United States, moving to Santa Fe, NM in 1990. Mr. Siegal opened his first public gallery, Conlon Siegal Galleries, on Santa Fe's renowned Canyon Road in 1996. The gallery featured ancient textiles and objects that combined the highest historical integrity and quality with the eye of a discriminating contemporary aesthetic. The gallery also showed cutting edge contemporary art and for five years thrived as a unique cultural destination in the Santa Fe art scene. In 2001 Mr. Siegal sold the Canyon Road galleries and moved into the heart of downtown Santa Fe across from the newly built Georgia O'Keeffe Museum. Since 2001 William Siegal Galleries has exhibited the world's finest pre-Columbian textiles and objects as well as museum quality pieces from Asia and Africa. It is a premier source for major museums as well as private collectors