Spirit of a Studio




Santa Fe is the second largest art market in the country after New York; and is it any wonder since there are more than 200 glorious galleries and thousand of artists that call Santa Fe home. A walk down the famous CANYON ROAD arts district is a visual treat and can take you the better part of a day to meander through all the galleries and shops – many in wonderful old adobe buildings that are an art-form in themselves.

But the real treat for me is to be invited into an artist’s home & studio, to get up close and personal with their art and their personal aesthetic. Recently I’ve interviewed some AMAZING COUPLES who live and work together. Come along with me to meet these vibrant Santa Fe artists.



Erin creates large canvasses filled with images of men and women struggling to maintain their pride and individual voices – street workers, unsung heroes, activists. Recycled/ephemera – collected on she and Anthony’s world travels – is an integral part of each canvas.

Tony is a published poet and social justice writer/artist. His mixed-media drawings are diminutive in size compared to Erin’s large canvases, but their message and visual impact are felt just as intensely. To see their charming studio/home and work, CLICK HERE.




This gorgeous and talented couple met dancing; and what are the chances that they could not only dance the tango together beautifully, but would begin sculpting together beautifully as well ! CLICK HERE to see their art & studio.




Three years ago Artists Carol Coates and Tom Roth met and it was love at first sight. They invited me into their vibrant home/gallery & studio and their work is everywhere. Although their creative styles are vastly different – Carol’s wildly-layered and textured mixed-media pieces exist in perfect harmony with Tom’s minimalist, pure-white sculptural wall hangings.  CLICK HERE to see their fabulous work/lifestyle.



C. Whitney-Ward is the Writer/Photographer of Sotheby’s SF Happenings.

She chronicles Santa Fe weekly on her award-winning,

photographic blog – Chasing Santa Fe